5 Inexpensive Trade Show Giveaways That Will Have A Positive ROI

  • Feb 23, 2017

At trade shows, we always advise you give away a small promo item of some sort. Doing so not only thanks your attendees for their time, but also gets your brand name out there. The first step in any successful marketing or advertising campaign is brand awareness!

From our studies, we found that 73% of people used a promotional item at least once a week, and 45% used one every day.

However, not all promo items are created equal and some defiantly work better than others. We complied a quick list of 5 popular promo items to give away at trade shows that work well for any type brand! And did we mention you can find products in all categories for less than one dollar per person?


We could always use more pens. While roaming tradeshows, hustling to meetings, and drafting ideas on napkins in unusual places, we tend to lose them! Pens have the lowest cost per impression out of any other promotional item, so are a great option for brands on a budget! 

To stand out, pick their next favorite pen – one that writes silky and has a comfortable grip! Giving away a pen with a fun shape is also always a sure winner. They will remember it the most!


 pens- inexpensive- trade show- giveaway- local- VA- eXpobranders 


Speaking of pens, notepads are another great giveaway. Trade show visitors will be jotting down notes left and right, so their own paper pad, set of sticky notes, or small composition book with your logo will be put to good use!


 notepads- inexpensive- giveaway- local- tradeshow- eXpobranders  notepad- inexpensive- giveaway- local- tradeshow- eXpobranders


Tote Bags

Tote bags are a great giveaway choice because attendees are constantly getting their hands filled with tons of free stuff. The best part about this giveaway is that all the other company logos go inside while yours says visible on the outside!   

It’s important to note that a tote giveaway will be even more impactful if your display is located near an entrance of your conference venue.


 tote bag- inexpensive- giveaway- local- tradeshow- eXpobranders

Screen Cleaners

Screen cleaners are the new business cards. People love printing their contact info and logos on them because they know that the cleaners are useful and won’t meet the same fate as many paper business cards – thrown out in the dump.


 screen cleaner- inexpensive- giveaway- local- tradeshow- eXpobranders  screen cleaner- inexpensive- giveaway- local- tradeshow- eXpobranders

Phone Wallets

These are a universal promo item that is starting to take off in popularity! The concept is simple – you stick it to the back of your phone and store your cards in it! Many people find this useful sine their phone is usually in your hand anyways. Perfect for a night out or at a networking event where you will need easy access to your business cards.


phone wallets- inexpensive- giveaway- local- tradeshow- eXpobranders   phone wallet- inexpensive- giveaway- local- tradeshow- eXpobranders

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