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Xclaim Fabric Pop Up Display 

This portable trade show display is available in a variety of sizes and configurations. It features a changeable push-fit, fabric graphic that comes pre-attached to the collapsible frame. 

The graphics can be customized to create a unique display! They can connect from front to back to give the graphic a slanted look, or connect on the front like a regular banner. The graphic can also cover however many frames you want. Scroll down to see some examples of the display possibilities and watch the video to see eXclaim in action!

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Other Ideas & Options

You can configure the squares into any size and pattern with the graphics stretching as large or small as needed. You can also make them double sided! 

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How do I change out the graphics on this back wall?
Since each panel is separate, it is easy to change the look of your display whenever you'd like! Just send us your art for the panel(s) that you want changed, and we will send you a new graphic. The graphics change out by unscrewing the cap and popping the silicone tab out. Note that each panel is different, even though they look identical, so be sure to let us know which panel you are changing.

Do the graphics come attached when I get this back wall?
Yes. We deliver this instant pop up display ready to go out of the bag, just like in the video above! The panels stretch as you extend the frame to it's full height, removing any wrinkles that occur in packing. One tip- when collapsing the display, carefully tuck the graphics into each section to reduce any deeper wrinkling and catching. 

Like our video? Here is the transcript for your review: 

We're your expo experts and we're here today to tell you about one of our favorite back walls. When you're planning your trade shows and you're thinking, "Oh, I have so many pictures I want to show, but I only have one wall, do you run into that issue? We have the exact product that's going to help you out.

It's our eXclaim magnetic pop up. This has some super stretch fabric displays for the graphics so you are going to get nine pictures or more or less. It's so versatile. It comes in this nice case. Simply pop it out of here, put your case to the side, and pull this up. It has great magnetic pockets that are going to automatically stick together. Look how easy that was. Here's your entire display. You've got nine pictures here, but you can be really versatile with this. If you want to design your graphics so that you have one large banner across the top, you can do that. You can do one long banner in the middle. It's completely up to you.

Again, it's a collapsible magnetic frame. The graphics come preassembled the first time when you order these, but you can change these out. Again, you can make different designs. These hub caps screw right off. Silicone edge beading goes right into the slot and it's ready to go.

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