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Portable Pet Water Bowls & Water Bottles 

Pet lovers spent an estimated $69 billion on pet products this year. That's billion...with a "B". What better way to be remembered than with a custom printed portable water bowl for your prospects furry friend, one that will be used over and over!

People take their dogs everywhere! It is not uncommon to see "Yappy Hours" at local bars, dog friendly stores in town squares, and hotels that welcome your pup with open doors. More than ever there is a need for on-the-go feeding and watering for your dog while traveling abroad or around town.

Who should order custom dog water bowls?

• Restaurants or bars hosting a "Yappy Hour"

• A dog food (or any dog related company) company exhibiting at a pet convention

• An animal shelter to give as part of a "puppy package" to new dog owners

• A veterinary clinic to welcome new clients 

• Any vendor at a dog-friendly outdoor event or fair

Collapsible silicone dog water bowl logo printed collapsible dog bowl portable custom dog bowl arlington va

7" Custom Printed
Collapsible Bowl
As low as $3.50ea

 Good-Value Logo'd
Collapsible Dog Bowl
As low as $2.59ea
 Zippered Folding Portable
Pet Bowl
As low as $2.40ea
steel-portable-dog-water-bottle-arlington-va steel-dog-bowl-bottle-arlington-va squeeze-water-bottle-custom-printed
 Stainless Dog Water Bottle w/ Bowl, Small
As low as $12.49ea
 Stainless Dog Water Bottle w/ Bowl, Large
As low as $14.79
 Paws for Life Portable
Pet Watering Set
As low as $6.79

What is the benefit of handing out branded, portable dog bowls?

Brand awareness is the first step in getting a consumer to take action. Giving pet owners a promotional item for the dog park or other dog-friendly spaces will ensure it gets seen by your target market; which is other dog-lovers! You will also score brownie points with the dog owner and they will remember your company next time they need your product or service. It's a win-win!

How much does ordering a custom dog toy giveaway cost?

There is really no set answer for this. Each dog water bowl and bottle comes at a different price. Most of our bowls cost anywhere between $2.40 and $14.79 each. You then have to multiply the price by the quantity and add shipping costs.

How quickly can I get my custom promotional product?

Standard shipping usually takes anywhere between 5-14 business days. However, we do rush orders! With rush shipping, we can have your customized dog bowl or bottle on your doorstep in 1-2 days.


Our eXpo eXperts, Boo and Lola, agree - these are great giveaways! Feel free to give us a call about your "pet project" and check out some other pet supplies!