Custom Printed TSA Approved Clear Bags for Liquids | Arlington VA

Custom TSA Approved Clear Bags 

Although having your toiletries or makeup in a clear bag is not a requirement to pass through airport security, having these items in a clear bag will certainly speed up the screening process. According to, you can bring a quart-sized clear bag to hold your liquids, creams and gels and those bottles cannot weigh more than 3.4 ounces.

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What companies or brands should give out travel sized clear makeup bags?

• Travel agencies could give out a clear, quart-sized bag with the travel logo printed on the front as a thank-you gift for booking.

• Tour groups or other groups who will be traveling should consider customizing their own tote bags and buying them wholesale to ensure the group easily and efficiently gets through TSA. 

• Companies who have a trade show booth set up at a major convention somewhere like Las Vegas or New York City could give out clear travel bags to business travelers attending the show.

• Baby product companies could have these as a gift for tired mothers who want to get through security as effortlessly as possible.

• If you really want to give something special to travelers, customize the clear bag even further by stuffing it with travel necessities like gum, ear buds, or an inflatable neck pillow!


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