Meet the eXperts

Meet the eXpo eXperts







Here at eXpo Branders, we know that fun makes the world go round (and keeps our creativity flowing)! Every day brings a new project and new challenges. Take a look at who is the behind the scenes on your project:


  Chief eXpo eXpert

Trade Shoe Display Ideas With Amy

 eXpoBranders is the culmination of Amy’s 30+ years in marketing and 17+ years in print and display services. She is very involved in children centric charities including being the past president of the Fairfax Foster Parent Association and board service for Let’s Help Kids, a non-profit that puts smiles on children less fortunate and teaches other children how to do the same. Amy spends her free time with her daughter, and is the “lucky one” to take our office dogs home every day. 

Likes: coffee, chocolate and playing with her “kids” 

Favorite Promo Item: Food promos...especially s'mores kits (mmm) 

eXpo eXpert tip: Design a booth that can grow with your company. Modular is key in a growing company – design so that you can add panels and accessories as your budget, and booth space, changes!

Revenue Operations eXpert

Store Display eXpert

 With a knack for turning companies from "meh" to "wow," Sara has over 15 years of sales and marketing experience and looks forward to sprinkling some of that pixie dust on our clients' marketing campaigns. When not slaying the marketing game, you can catch her herding her four wild, elementary-aged kids or plotting their next adventure to conquer all 63 national parks before her oldest hits 21. Beyond the boardroom, Sara is on a mission to make a difference, championing the cause of youth in foster care and fostering a community where all kids can thrive.

Likes: Ponies, puppies, and the outdoors 

Favorite Promo ItemThe cooler bag - it goes from sports to the ski slopes to the beach. It fits the beverages and the snacks. Easy to open and keeps everything cold. It's not just a cooler; it's a conversation starter!

eXpo eXpert tip: In the realm of sales, cultivating genuine connections is paramount. Companies flourish when they prioritize client relationships, viewing sales not merely as transactions but as opportunities to establish trust and credibility. Remember, becoming an eXpert in your field isn't just about knowledge; it's about embodying authenticity, empathy, and a genuine desire to serve. Our products help you do that quickly and effectively.


eXpo eXpert 


An eXpert since 2020, Tanja started her journey with us just as the world shut down from COVID.

Likes: Spending time with her family - skiing, hiking or just having dinner, gardening, being by the water of any kind no matter if is a lake, river or the ocean.

Favorite promo item: Inflatables! Anything you can imagine can be made into and inflatable as big or small as you like! 

eXpo eXpert Tip: Do something fun that stands out and will be remembered.


eXpo eXpert 

expobranders expert Deborah

Deborah joined eXpo Branders in June of 2016 after 12 years of outfitting swim teams in branded apparel.  She has a background in direct sales, sales and catering and administration. Now that her two grown children don’t need her as much she gets to spoil her two Great Danes: Titan and Cinder.

Likes: Animals, music, concerts, cooking

 Favorite Promo Item: Anything unique that brings people over to a booth! 

eXpo eXpert Tip: "Plan ahead! Not only do things run smoother and you save yourself stress, but you also save money because you don’t have to rush delivery."



eXpo eXec 

expo expert John

John graduated from SUNY in Buffalo, NY and has been in the sales and marketing industry for over 10 years.
While he helps businesses of all types, his focus is on his passion: beer distributors, the outdoors and hunting/fishing.  

Likes: Hunting, fishing, boating, health & fitness and spending time with family.

 Favorite Promo Item: Anything that keeps his drinks cold, especially the Coleman 36 Hour cooler!

 eXpo eXpert Tip: "A lot of people think promo items are just giveaways. Why not use them in a creative way that will directly impact your revenue?" 



marketing & logistics coordinator


Jen is ready for anything that our industry can throw at her!
In her spare time she loves to travel and bake.

Likes: cooking, dogs and beachcombing

Favorite promo item: beanies, t-shirts, and hoodies (anything cozy)

eXpo eXpert tip: Buy promo items YOU would personally love and use. If you don’t love it neither will they, so choose great quality items and talented eXperts! Last eXpert tip: Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ones!


production coordinator


Jas loves the details and making sure we are on track with them all is her superpower.
She is all about family and fun- both at home and at work. 

Likes: eating ice cream, listening to music and dancing with her daughter

Favorite promo item: anything that keeps her hydrated and refreshed...everywhere!


eXpo eXpert tip: Always choose something that best represents your brand as it often leads to an eXceptional eXperience!


(Un)Professional Office Dog

expo office dog Lola

Lola keeps the energy in the office alive!
There is never a dull moment with this giant ball of fur running around.

 Likes: Chasing squirrels and chewing on her dog toys 

Favorite Promo Item: Pet accessories 

eXpo eXpert tip: "When heading to a trade sh....wait is that a squirrel? Squirrel!" 



treat eXpert

treat expert babka

The newest, and smallest, member of the eXpo team. Will test out any puppy product and tell you honestly if she approves! 

 Likes: Chewing on literally everything, napping 

Favorite Promo Item: Stuffed Animals

eXpo eXpert tip: "Where's the fun in buying promotional items you can't eat?"


Some of our eXperts aboard the Rock Legends Cruise. Who says you can't have fun at work?