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Your Virtual Meeting & Event eXperts! 



So you've decided to take your live event and make it virtual?
Or maybe a hybrid of live AND virtual?
Great! But....

How will you keep 'zoomed out' attendees alert and engaged?

How can you create the same value as an in-person event?

What about all of the information (and swag) that the exhibitors wanted to get out to the attendees......or the revenue that your organization would have received from sponsors?

Not to worry -- we have you covered! We've helped organizations like yours deliver value, boost engagement and increase sponsor dollars while maintaining the privacy of your attendees from exhibitor spamming (because nobody likes that).





In a nutshell, here are a few things we can to make your event 'virtually awesome':

  • Coordinate, produce and deliver creative swag, snack breaks, and session packets right to your attendees' doors.
  • Interactive packaging to elicit engagement, allow for sponsor highlights and create memorable moments
  • Compile exhibitors materials and send attendees ONE MAILING (vs hundreds)
  • Co brand items and create exhibitor merch kits to increase your sponsor revenue
  • Send out awards and recognition that would normally be done on the session stage
  • So much more!





All of our meeting kits are custom built to fit your event! 
Give us a call to start planning yours and see how we can make your virtual event one for the record books! 


Start the day off right with a creatively branded box of breakfast cereal:
Have attendees open this box first and get a nice preview of what the day will bring! Your box can be branded for the event and is a great way to have a sponsor get some attention. The back of the cereal box can be a game or fun information. And, yes, we can put a toy inside.


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