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eXpandable eXhibits

Are you eXhibiting at many different shows this year? Do you need a booth that will work in a 10ft space as well as a 30ft Island space? Then an eXpandable modular eXhibit is perfect for you!

eXpandable, modular eXhibits are the flexible solution for eXhibitors of all sizes.



Hybrid Modular Systems

Creative custom and semi-custom booth designs and rental exhibit options for trade shows of any size. 


Magnetic Fabric Banner Panels 

Easily mix & match to form 10ft, 20ft and 30ft walls all with one kit!


Modular Meeting Spaces

Meeting rooms for conferences or instant offices for eXpanding work environments. 

Why go 'Modular'?


Going from a 10x10 inline space to a corner space? Not a problem with a modular eXhibit! Modular displays flex with your booth space needs, from inline, to corner, to island booth space!

Frequent Message Changes 

eXhibits with modular panels allow for easy graphics changes without having to redesign the entire eXhibit! Companies with ever changing messaging love modular displays for this reason. Just send us your new art and an updated panel will arrive within a week!

Sales Teams

Who loves modular displays? Sales teams! Modular eXhibits can easily go from a small tabletop type event to a 10ft or large booth space. The eXtend Modular Kits will fit in most vehicles and can easily be rolled in and assembled in minutes by one person. Your sales team will LOVE you! 


Add LED Backlighting to Really Create Impact!

Our lightbox/backlit display options are super easy to assemble and make quite the impression when you prospect is drawn from across the expo floor (like a moth to a flame!).

Is this hard to assemble? No! Most of our displays come with the lights pre-installed. You only need to connect the plugs to each other and plug into the outlet. The hardest part is remembering to order electric on your exhibitor's contract (but don't worry, we will remind you to do that, also!)

Mixing backlit with other panels creates the ultimate in a modular read show exhibit.


eXtend Modular in-line portable fabric walls

Easy, roll in back wall that works for all different event spaces! Use as a single banner for mini events or eXpand out to 40ft for larger eXhibiting needs!  Find out more about  eXtend modular trade show displays HERE.


10 ft to...


30 ft or more!


Inline Displays for 10x10, 10x20, or 10x30

Highly popular inline (or back wall) displays are easy to assemble and transport and work for booth spaces of just about any size!


Backlit Walls

Light it up and draw them in with LED backlit displays!


Designer In-line Backwall Displays

Add dimension with curves, color and video! 


Step & Repeat Event Back Wall

Custom logo step & repeat back walls for events and premiers of all sizes! And they pop up in seconds! 




Booth Kiosks

A must for an interactive booth experience!


Hanging Structures

Nothing draws attention from across the show floor like a custom fabric structure hanging from the rafters!


Towers & Columns

Add interest and interaction with our custom tower structures and backlit columns

Indoor Event Display Packages

Not sure how to get started? Try one of our display packages designed with your brand and message. We can mix and match displays, counters, banners, and literature racks to suit your needs. Ask about our monitor ready displays and display add-ons!



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Your source for everything eXpo

When your entire booth experience is in sync, your chances of 


Promotions & Giveaways

Don't just give away 'stuff' - let our eXperts help you promote your brand with the right custom swag


Booth Games 

Interactive booth games are still an effective way to get interested prospects into your booth!


Staff Apparel

Outfit your team to align with your brand for the ultimate in an attentive booth environment!


Our clients frequently ask:

What do I need in my booth?

If you are exhibiting at a trade show for the first time, it may be hard to determine the necessary items you need in your booth. Even if you plan on only one event per year - don't skimp on your booth design as typically one great client will pay for the cost of your booth if it is done right! 

As in our infographic above, the basic items of the booth are simple: a custom printed fabric back wall is a great way to start your exhibiting adventures - and most are portable and lightweight so you can put it up by yourself if needed! At minimum we recommend a back wall and counter. Our counters also serve as carrying cases for your back wall and promotional materials - so you can roll in and look professional with a booth that fits in the trunk of your car!

How do I transport my booth?

If you aren't local, there are a few ways to get your display to the show. For smaller displays, we typically recommend UPS or FedEx. Check with your exhibitors packet on rules for receiving deliveries from shippers. You may also be able to ship this to your hotel or have it held at a local FedEx store for pickup (this may save you a bundle on drayage and storage with the event providers).

If your display is larger and you have a ton that needs to get to the eXpo, LTL freight is your best bet. There is a LOT to this method - contact our eXperts for more information on shipping, storage, drayage, I&D and more logistics.