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Custom Badges and Lanyards

Your one stop shop for staff badges and lanyards! Custom printed badges, badge holders, and lanyards are perfect for your staff at work or for your event. Not only can we create a beautiful badge set with your company logo, but we can also also print your full staff list on the badges and have them shipped ASAP! 

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Badge Holders

We carry many badge holders that can be customized to suit your company needs. Whether you need a plain clear holder, or want to opt for a badge holder that can also serve as a wallet or phone holder, we have it exactly what you are looking for! 

custom name badge holders custom printed color back badge card holder custom name badge holders
Vinyl Badge Pouch Color Back Vinyl Pouch Rigid Badge Holder

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Our standard lanyards are an economically friendly option for one-time use at an event. Choose from different lanyard materials like cotton, neoprene, woven, and vinyl all available for imprint! 

custom branded lanyard printing custom printed USB 2.0 lanyard flash drive custom printed raised 3D imprint lanyard
 Economy Premium Raised 3D Lanyard
custom branded dye sublimated lanyard custom lanyard printing custom tube lanyard printing
Dye Sublimated Waffle Woven   Tube Lanyard

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Name Badges

Name badges are great for employees working at events to help distinguish them from the crowd, and are also great for large offices where different departments are interacting daily. Send us your full staff list and company logo for beautiful badges that can be printed or engraved on many types of material like plastic or metal. 

custom name badges custom branded name badges custom security name badges 
Economy Badge Metal Badge Security Badge

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Neck Wallets


custom branded badge holder neck wallet custom printed neck wallet with break away cord custom printed bi-fold neck wallet 
Neck Wallet  Cell Phone Holder Neck Wallet Bi-Fold Neck Wallet


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Lanyard Reels

Lanyard reels are retractable lanyards that are a great options for employees who need to sign into work with a scannable badge. Just reach and stretch it from your keyring or around your neck and boom. No need to fiddle around with your wallet or pocket. 

custom lanyard printing custom lanyard printing custom lanyard printing
Retractable Reel Anti-Microbial Badge Reel Retractable Reel Lanyard

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Need a custom set of badges or lanyards but are unsure of where to start? No worries, just contact an eXpo eXpert and we will walk you through the process! Our team is dedicated to find a perfect product at your ideal price point. | (571) 299-6908