Custom Printed Tissue Boxes

Custom Pocket Tissues & Small Tissue Boxes

With winter fast approaching, a runny nose may be in the forecast. Pocket tissue advertising is an inexpensive, efficient and effective way to advertise. Unlike flyers or business cards that usually get thrown in the trash, pocket tissues are a promotional item that people will find useful and hold on to! 


Custom logo pocket sized tissues

custom small tissue boxes promotional logo printed

custom cup holder tissues
 Custom Printed Pocket Tissues as low as $.54  Custom Small Tissue Boxes as low as $0.97  Custom Cup Holder Tissues for the Car as low as $1.84

What's the difference between pocket tissues, small tissue boxes and cup holder tissues? 

Pocket Tissues: Pocket tissues go with you wherever you do! You can store pocket tissues in your purse, wallet, car and yes - even your pocket! Custom print your logo right on the pocket tissue package for a promotional item people will find useful. 

Small Tissue Boxes: Small tissue boxes are a unique item that will make your brand unforgettable! These 3" X 3" boxes can be printed with your company logo and be stored on an office desk, in a locker, a gym bag, glove box, or backpack. People love mini versions of larger items! 

Cup Holder Tissues: Having tissues on hand in the car is important, especially when winter hits. These cup holder tissues can come with full color print of your brand's logo and be stored in a car cup holder or even a baby stroller! 


Don't know what to do with custom pocket tissues? Here are some promotional ideas. 

• Doctor offices could have promotional tissues at the front desk with the practice name and logo printed on the package

• Gyms/Sport and Health Clubs could hand out tissues to new members as part of a "welcome" package or store them at the front desk

• Elementary schools could hand out branded tissues for kids coming back to school as part of a health initiative 

• Day care centers could give custom pocket tissues for parents who come to tour the day care or who enroll their children 

• Health advocacy groups could give pocket tissues to people in exchange for them to listen to their quick message

• Ski resorts can have tissue boxes on hand for sniffly skiers and snowboarders 

• Customise a pocket tissue for an event where you know people will become emotional 

• Any trade show vendor during the winter months will find that giving out custom tissues to busy businessmen will be much appreciated! 


*eXpo eXpert tip : use a high quality tissue (one that is soft) to create a better company image*