Custom Printed T-Shirts 

Need a t-shirt for your next fundraiser or company event? Don't know which type of shirt to choose or what is involved in getting your message printed on them? Read on! Our eXpo eXperts can make your t-shirt eXperience and eXceptional one! screenprint-logo-arm-t-shirts

Types of T-Shirts

Wonder why there are so many options when it comes to choosing a basic t-shirt? Because t-shirts can be worn for just about any event these days, manufacturers are offering a wider range of quality and style, depending on the use of the t-shirt and your budget. A basic tubular tee can cost less than half of a similar 'looking' fashion tee, but when you try them on and feel the fabric, you will quickly be able to tell the difference. 

Basic 'tubular' tees
Basic tees are our #1 selling t-shirt for promotions such as fundraisers, races, schools, clubs and the like. They are 'tubular' in that they do not have a side seam, and therefore have a straighter, simpler shape than a fashion tee. Basic tees have more of a unisex fit, and are usually available in the widest range of colors and sizes. Many of our basic tees run from youth sizes all they way up to 5x. So if you have an event where you need to fit a crowd, a basic tee will be the best option

Fashion Tees
Fashion t-shirts are made from premium fabrics and have more shape to them, with side seams and typically a contemporary fit. Women, and men alike, prefer fashion tees for their shapely fit and soft feel. If you see the terms 'side seam', 'ring spun', 'triblend' or '30 single', it is likely a fashion tee, and therefore the price tends to be higher. 

Popular T-Shirt Brands
Our most popular t-shirt brands are Gildan, Hanes, Next Level, American Apparel, Alternative and Bella+Canvas. We also offer many other brands, just ask for your favorite! You CAN have your message on a fashionable, trendy tee!

Fabric Choices
One of the most common questions we get is what fabric to choose? 100% cotton, 50/50 (50% cotton/ 50% Polyester), Triblend, wicking, ring spun cotton, modal...and so many more. Basically it boils down to softness and function:

  • 100% cotton: By far the most popular, 100% cotton tees can be standard or stupendous, depending on how the fabric is treated and woven. Ring spun cotton is ultra soft without the added polyester of a 50/50 shirt. 100% cotton ring spun tees are the most popular choice for our clients.
  • 50/50 blend: If you want cotton with added softness and wicking properties, a 50/50 blend may be your best choice. 50/50 tees also hold their color a little longer than a straight cotton tee, due to the added polyester. 
  • Triblend: While a little pricier, treblend t-shirts are like wearing pajamas- all... day... long...! By far the most requested fabric this past year, triblend is soft, breathable, and holds it shape and color beautifully. 

 Adult T-shirts

While we recommend calling us to get your t-shirt project going, feel free to browse some of the more popular styles of custom printed t-shirts we offer!

hanes-comfort-printed-tshirt gildan-softstyle-custom-printed-tshirt gildan-ultra-cotton-unisex-custom-printed-tshirt
Hanes ComfortBlend Tee
$3.99 ea

Gildan Softstyle Ringspun Tee
$4.39 ea

Gildan Ultra Cotton 6oz Tee
$4.35 ea



Hanes Beefy T 
$6.45 ea

Next Level Rung Spun Tee
$6.75 ea

Bella+Canvas Unisex Trebled
$9.35 ea
 Bella+Canvas Ladies' 
Relaxed Fit Tee
$8.39 each



Youth T-shirts

Need to print custom apparel like t-shirts or jackers for children? We can help! Choose from our large section of name brand clothing for custom imprint or embroidery. Perfect for summer youth camps, sports clubs, field trips. 

printed-tshirts-for-kids printed-color-tshirts-for-kids hanes-printed-tshirt-for-kids
Gildan Cotton White Tee
$3.55 each
Gildan Cotton Color Tee
$3.99 each
Hanes HD Color Tee
$4.29 each


How much does it cost to print on a t-shirt? 
Our printed t-shirts start at about $3.75 each, depending on the quantity and number or colors you'd like. This is for a basic white t-shirt with a one color print. Color shirts may cost a little bit more, and there is an uncharge for additional colors. 

Do your prices include putting my logo on the shirt?
The prices shown on our online search typically include the screen print or decorating cost. Be sure to read the full description. If you see set up or screen charges, then the price includes printing at least one color onto the shirt! Start a CHAT below or give us a quick call and we can help you figure it out based on your logo and budget.

How fast can I get t-shirts printed?
Thanks to our large screen print facility, we can rush print and deliver t-shirts within 24-48 hours, depending on the style and decoration that you'd like! Need printed t-shirts by tomorrow? We may be able to help, just give our eXpo eXperts a call!