"Grow as you go" Modular Trade Show Displays

Our expandable Modular panels allow you to build a back wall using one or more panels, depending on the size of the show. The pillowcase fabric graphic panels can stand alone, or easily be connected to form a 10ft, 20ft or even a 30ft display that is sure to draw a crowd. 

Modular display full back wall expobranders.com

Create a very unique trade show display by adding smaller, customized panels to create a large, eye-catching inline display that people won't miss! Aluminum tube frames and clamps are coupled with zipper pillowcase fabric graphics making set-up and storage effortless. 


Modular trade show displays are a great option...

• For a trade show schedule where you have multiple size spaces to plan for

• For companies with varied sales departments and need to adjust certain parts as they present

• If you have a small trade show budget but plan to expand in the future

• If you want a quick and easy way to design your own display

• Want the freedom to use multiple graphics and panels on your display


How it works:

We have 11 different fabric banner display panels to choose from that can be changed out to create an unlimited number of back wall options! The panels come straight, concave, or convex and the graphics can be printed on either side, or both sides, to give you countless layouts!


modular-display-panel-5b-expobranders.com modular-display-panel-7-expobranders.com modular-display-panel-9-expobranders.com
modular-display-panel-1-expobranders.com modular-display-panel-2-expobranders.com modular-display-panel-3-expobranders.com modular-display-panel-4-expobranders.com
modular-display-panel-6a-expobranders.com modular-display-panel-10-expobranders.com modular-display-panel-8-expobranders.com modular-display-panel-11-expobranders.com

Your in-line display can start small and grow as large as you need it, depending on the venue and your booth size. Panels can be designed to mix-n-match, and graphics can easily be changed out with the variation of your marketing message.

modular-display-banner-backwall--infographic1Not sure where to start? We have pre-designed kits available in 10ft, 20ft, and 30ft sizes! Browse our 5 Series of designs and start building! Our eXpo eXperts are standing by to help you put together a display that will surely get some attention!

extend modular kit series 3 expobrandersSeries 3 10ft Display extend modular kit series 5 expobrandersSeries 5 10ft Display

extend modular kit series 2 expobrandersSeries 2 15ft Display

extend modular kit series 5 expobrandersSeries 5 30ft Display


How do you put the display panels together?

Easily snap your panels together with clamps! We have several clamp options that allow you to customize the angle and shape in which your display is made.

how to - put together- display panels- guide- local- trade show- eXpobranders modular display clamps 180 degree angle modular display clamps for 3 displays modular display clamps for 4 displays

This short video clip will explain how to use the clamps to set up your panels for an attractive, professional display!

What is a pillowcase fabric graphic?
A pillowcase fabric fits snug around the aluminum frame and zips up the side. This technology allows the graphic to stretch and eliminate wrinkles!

How much does the booth weigh, and is it easy to move?
All of our booths are lightweight and portable, making setup and packing up a breeze! You'll be rolling out the convention doors and headed to happy hour while your competitors are struggling to put their displays away!

How will the exhibit be packed for shipment?
Each panel comes with its own carry case, which is usually placed in a small, horizontal box.

What tools and labor are required for setup?
All of the panels shown can be set up by just one person! Any tools needed will be provided in the shipping case.

How long will it take to produce?
Although it's always best to plan ahead, our standard production is 7 business days after proof approval. Rush orders are available on most displays.

How much will it cost? 
We have a modular display to fit any budget! Our individual panels start at just $615 each! 

What type of lighting is available for the exhibit?
We have a wide range of display lighting that can be clamped to the top of any of the modular panels. 

How long will the booth last?
This display system has a lifetime warranty on the hardware. If you take care of it, it should last you a lifetime! Graphics are easily changeable with your marketing message. 

Do you provide graphic design services?
Yes! If you do not already have artwork for your display, our graphic design team can help put together en eye catching design for your back wall.


Still have questions? Our eXpo eXperts are available to help! Click below to CHAT, send us an email, or give us a call at 571-299-3908 or 888-353-4035