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Custom Totes and Bags

Bags are one of the best ways to have your brand walk all over town! We tell our clients to have promotional tote bags on hand at trade shows and special events. Why? Because when people are walking around collecting swag from trade booths, they will need a place to store it all. All of your competitors swag gets dumped into your company tote while your logo shines on! Custom printed bags are also a great option for charity fundraisers, sporting or school events.


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Backpacks are a great bag giveaway for outdoor festivals, fundraisers or as a gift for outdoor recreational groups. There are so many options and varieties as well! From slingback, to drawstring, to tech packs with headphone jacks, you best believe we have what you are looking for!

Drawstring Backpacks
custom printed drawstring bag with logo wholesale custom printed full color drawstring bag cheap custom printed drawstring bag wholesale
Tri-Color Drawstring
Sports Pack w/Pocket
Full Color Print on this
College-Ready Backpack!
Quick Sling
Budget Backpack
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Standard Backpacks    
custom printed hiking backpack DC VA NYC Custom Printed High Sierra Backpack cheap custom printed backpack DC VA NYC
Ultimate Hiking & Camping

18L Backpack  Budget Friendly
Logo Printed Backpack
custom printed sling backpack with logo custom printed school backpack with logo 600D custom printed school backpack with logo
Sling Backpack Sturdy School Backpack 600D School Backpack

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Clear Bags

Clear bags are a top seller! With new rules in place for airport security and for stadium security, these bags make great custom giveaways for travel agencies, football stadiums, sports fan clubs, and more! We specialize in clear bags, let us get you through that security line with ease. We have a TON of clear bags - check out our CLEAR BAG SHOP.

custom printed clear stadium bags NFL requirement custom printed clear bag with logo TSA requirement custom printed clear bag with logo stadium requirement
Clear Totes TSA Clear Pouches Sports & Backpacks

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Computer Bags

A top-quality computer bag is a great gift for hardworking employees who are constantly on the go! Put your logo bright and bold on something your employees will carry with pride. With options in all price ranges, computer bags will "carry" your logo all over town!

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Laptop Backpacks Browse All Computer Bags Messenger Bags

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Duffel and Sports Bags

Customize a sport bag for a local sports team or club, or use them as part of a gym promotion! we can embroider or print your logo on any of our gym or sports bags to keep your brand top of mind!

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Duffel / Gym Bags Shoe Bags Golf Bags

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Fanny Packs & Waist Bags

Fanny packs are the event planners dream. These packs are great for major marathons, outdoor festivals and other special events. Easy on the budget, and come in so many colors, its no wonder these are a top seller. Currently called 'waist bags', the fanny pack is back - whether you like it or not!

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Runner Waist Belt Water Bottle Pack Budget Fanny Pack

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Lunch Coolers and Bags

Promotional lunch bags are an affordable giveaway for many types of companies - especially diet companies and schools. Find a non woven cooler pack just for you!

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6 pack lunch cooler 

Budget lunch bags

Kids' Lunch Bags

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Tote Bags

Tote bags are one of the most popular promotional items! They are affordable and can be used at the grocery store to reduce plastic waste, hand out at a conference, hold your lunch for work - really whatever you need to carry! We have many imprint options, and a large selection of materials available to print your logo on a tote bag.

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Grocery Totes Conference Totes Packable Totes

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Travel Bags

On the go? Let the world know your brand is a go getter with our custom printed travel bags. Think of all the exposure you will get strutting through the airport with your logo for the world to see!

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Hanging Toiletry Bags Luggage & Wheeled Bags Clear TSA Travel Bags



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Want to read all about our video above? Read it here!

Connie: You probably agree that there are a million types of bags out there.

Amy: Millions? Trillions. If you've gone to a grocery store lately, you can get a bag. If you've gone to a trade show lately, you can get a bag. Your kids are bringing them home from school. You have a pile in your car. You have a pile in your closet. There's tons.

Connie: There sure are. And when you're looking for bags, it can be quite overwhelming, right?

Amy: Right. If you're on the web and you're searching around because you have to find a bag for your next trade show for your company, there are just so many choices that it just seems impossible to pick one.

Connie: But do not worry, we are here to help you.

Amy: Yep. We promise you that it is not that difficult and we can help narrow down the solutions. So in this video, we are going to show you all different kinds of bags in all different kinds of budget ranges and also different purposes for different bags and how you can print your logo on them and stand out from that pile that's in your car, in your closet and have your brand walk around town.

Connie: Hi, I'm Connie.

Amy: And I'm Amy and we're your expo experts here to talk to you about the wonderful world of bags.

Connie: Bags.

So we have many different bags and today we're going to talk about our designer bags, our eco-natural friendly bags, right?

Amy: Mm-hmm (affirmative). We have backpacks. We have your non-woven totes that you probably have some from the grocery store and drawstring backpack bags. 

Connie: And beach tote. Yes. So we're going to show you a little bit about what you can do with these, the different processes to put your logo on here.

Amy: Right, you probably already know what bag you need, but did you know all of the options that are available on some of these bags? And now we do a lot of full color printing on the bags. So if you've got a colorful logo, a colorful brand, we can get that on there for you.

Connie: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Now listen very closely because we're going to share a super secret, what is it called?

Amy: A super secret code.

Connie: Code. Yeah. So you can get these at a discount on top of whatever sale we're having.

Amy: So make sure you watch the video all the way through.

Connie: So right now we're going to talk about designer bags. Here you have a very beautiful, roomy bag. Do you know about roomy?

Amy: I know about roomy. I love roomy.

Connie: Me, too. Yes. These are very lightweight bags so they're not going to hurt you when you're carrying it. But it will carry quite a bit of weight on here. Some of these are about 50 pounds they can carry.

Amy: Yeah, they really can hold a lot of weight and they also bunch up really nice in your suitcase.

Connie: They're nice and small.

Amy: And in your car, you can keep them and they pack really tight and nice away.

Connie: And you see how you can put your logo on a roomy bag. That's fantastic.

Amy: Roomy is available in a lot of our local stores, but now you can actually have your brand put right on them.

Connie: Yeah and they fold really nicely.

Amy: Love roomy.

Connie: We also have this adorable tote here. It has these little bamboo-looking plastic sticks that you can, handles that you can carry them. And it has maybe about two inch gusset here. This is the gusset, the width of the bag. And we have...

Amy: Let's see this one.

Connie: We also have metallic totes. Metallic totes are all the rage right now.

Amy: Yes. We have these in all different shapes and sizes, in silver, in gold, and some rose gold, which is very popular right now.

Connie: It's a hot color.

Amy: Yep. So whether you love them or you don't, they're super popular and they're in high demand. And your logo on them, they're going to get used and they're going to walking around town.

Connie: Exactly.

Amy: Love this one.

Connie: Totally stand out.

Alright, then we also have these natural bags. You will not believe what this is.

Amy: What is it?

Connie: This...

Amy: Is it paper?

Connie: Yes. 

Amy: This is a bag made of paper.

Connie: It's a bag made of paper, but it's very sturdy. It has a large imprint area. This is what we call a washable bag, a paper bag. It's very thick. It has great, what is this?

Amy: Nice little rope handles.

Connie: Rope handles, sorry about that. But yeah, these are amazing.  And then we have your natural canvas bags is usual.

Amy: In jute which is...

Connie: Jute.

Amy: Beautiful.

Connie: Beautiful bag.

Amy: This is a bag that if you put your logo on it, this is not going to go into a pile in the car. 

Connie: Absolutely.

Amy: This is going to be used back and forth to work. It's going to used to go on vacation. This is really great and it has a little button on it.

Connie: It's beautiful.

Amy: So we can embroider your logo on that. We can do a couple different processes on that.

Connie: And then you have this nice canvas, solid, nice weight bag. Very sturdy. Washable. It will go with your prospective clients everywhere. This is a beach tote of the same quality. Amy, what do you have to show us? 

Amy: Great, so, grocery totes. Non-woven, oh my goodness. Everybody talks about them. Some companies brand these as eco-friendly. It is a very controversial product out there because some are made with re-purposed plastic and some are not. But basically, non-woven means polypropylene and polypropylene is plastic. It is plastic. It is recyclable, typically, but not necessarily made with recycled products. So you have to look very carefully if that's what you're looking to do. But that is that feel that you get. My bag just fell on the floor. That feel that you get of those grocery totes. These have come a long way, baby. And polypropylene is being used for a lot of different things. Is that the only one I have here? I guess so. 

So we're now putting zippers, pockets. They're definitely multifunctional. So they're not going to just get thrown into a pile with the grocery totes, because this is a bag that you can take with you and put all your kids' things in. It's going to travel with you. We can print full color on these now. We can embroider if you want to. And again, all different shapes and sizes, we even have backpacks made out of that same material. So it keeps your cost low, so if you're trying to get a really cool look and you want to keep your costs low, this is a great way to do it.

Connie: Absolutely.

Amy: Now, drawstring bags are very, very, very popular. So we have almost that same look as that last one. Drawstring bags aren't just for kids at school anymore. Everybody loves these. And again, you probably have a few of them. We have bags from every different price range. We can do a full color logo on them. And again, we have a lot that have pockets and zippers and places for water bottles and all different kinds of functions. So you're looking for a drawstring bag, we've got the one that will fit your budget.

Connie: And I just want to make a little plug for this one. This has a glow in the dark logo on it. So if you want to stand out that way, this is definitely a bag for people walking around at night. 

Amy: And the wonderful world of clear bags, we have the clear drawstring backpack. So if you're going to the game or your school or workplace has a clear bag policy, this is a great way to pack a lot of stuff and be able to just cinch it closed and throw it over your shoulder and off you go.

Connie: Did you know that 70% of pedestrian accidents happen in the evening? I want to show you these wonderful reflective bags. If you're [inaudible 00:07:49] for children, this would be a great one for Halloween. You put your logo front and back if you like.

Amy: And why you can't see the reflectiveness of this, it's this strip all the way around the edge of these bags that is ultra-reflective. 

Connie: Very.

Amy: So we can't show you because it's so bright in here. But it catches the light and really shows up. So for safety for children on Halloween, this is fantastic.

Connie: Absolutely. And here's a really nice little bag. This is non-woven bag. And this one has a spring. You can have any kind of logo, drawing. It includes a little box of crayons. And again, it's got that ultra-reflective edges here that will keep your children safe in the evening. 

Amy: What I love about this is that if you have a business or an event that you know that families are going to be coming to. You're giving away a safety giveaway, a useful giveaway and something to keep the kids busy while mom and dad are listening to your pitch and you're selling your product. 

Connie: Absolutely. As you can see, that little butterfly is already colored in. So, that can keep them busy.

Amy: I don't know who did that, they're a very good colorer. Wasn't me.

Connie: And here's another example of our reflective bags as well. You can have a wonderful image in the front such as this.

Amy: Look at the imprint area on this. It's huge.

Connie: It's enormous.

Amy: Plus full color. These animals are so cute. It makes me want to go adopt one. 

Connie: Exactly.

Amy: Big, big area for putting your logo and again, multifunctional. This is not going to be a bag that's going to be thrown out or thrown in the pile. People are going to use this.

Backpacks. Backpack, backpack. Anyone have kids? Dora. So many different kinds of backpacks. We only have a few here to show you. There's a ton of them on our website, but backpacks are big. Families are carrying them now instead of a diaper bag. You've got kids going to school with backpacks. We've got backpacks for any kind of outdoor festival or concert. So backpack, backpack. We got 'em. What's nice about these, they usually have a nice large imprint area, so clear backpack for any kind of sports event. This is wonderful. This is also a big seller right now with the new rules in schools for clear backpacks. Unfortunately, due to our current situation in the world, a lot of school are adopting the safety policy of clear backpacks. So we've got a bunch of these, all different qualities, ranges.

Amy: They're going to hold up with books in them. So that's really nice. Cooler backpacks, wahoo. This is an awesome one. It's not too huge, but it's fully lined cooler bag. You've got room for a water bottle. You've got room for your cell phone and even a little bungee on the front to hold a couple extra things, maybe an extra t-shirt or a towel. And it has a nice lock on it and it has straps on the back. We have a bunch of different cooler backpacks. 

Amy: These are great if you go to outdoor concerts where you buy those lawn seats and you bring your own stuff. These are wonderful.

Amy: And then you're more budget friendly non-woven backpack.

Connie: This is a very nice size. It's got the color block on here. Great imprint area. And it's very, very lightweight with a front pocket. I mean, there's many different styles that you can select from and we can help you with that. But, yeah, very lightweight.

Amy: This is going to be on your end of budget. So if you think you can't afford to do a backpack for your next promotion, you actually... 

Connie: We have a great selection of coolers. Many shapes, sizes, colors, I mean, bells and whistles. This is a fantastic backpack cooler. It's definitely one of our favorites here. It has a place to hold water bottle.

Amy: Or your wine.

Connie: Or your wine. It has a little bungee cord here at the front where you could a towel, a t-shirt or anything that you can think of. A pocket in the front and just very roomy, but not overwhelmingly big. You can take these to concerts like on the lawn.

Amy: I always buy the lawn seats, so I love bringing a little bag with my own goodies.

Connie: Picnics or just to travel.

Amy: And I'm thinking logo there. Nice big area for your logo. It's a really nice size.

Connie: Very nice. And just really great quality material.

Amy: Nice. This is a little bit more my size because it could hold a few bottles of wine. But again, a cooler bag, nice and sturdy. This is made really, really well. You've got a couple pockets, one on either side and you have a pocket in the front that can hold utensils, napkins, whatnot. And then inside, you could put your picnic. These are great for just hot weather climates. When you go to the grocery store and you buy those few things that are going to melt by the time you get home. These are going to stick around and look at the imprint area. It's huge. So your logo is going to be literally walking around town. You got kids that play sports? This is a great bag for that.

Connie: Oh, yeah. At the pool, baseball game. Absolutely. That's a fantastic bag. And then we have this nice small one. You also have a nice large imprint area. This is a basic one. Again, we have coolers for any kind of budget. So just give us a call and let us know what you're looking for. We'll be happy to help you find what you need.