Custom Dog Bandannas | Arlington VA

Personalized Dog Bandannas

Let your dog be part of the fun with a custom printed bandanna! These personalized bandanna's would be a great giveaway for a dog-friendly fundraising walk or at a pet convention. Some of our bandannas are great for humans too! How cute would it be to match your pup?

Who should order personalized dog bandannas?

• Animal shelters for "adopt me" bandannas at events

• Animal shelters to put on newly adopted dogs

• Veterinary clinics to send home dog patients with

• Dog grooming parlors to put on clean pups

• Fundraising teams at a charity walk or event

Large Custom Printed Dog Bandanna as low as $1.49 Small Custom Printed Dog Bandanna as low as $1.19

Full Color Custom Printed Dog Bandanna as low as $5.51

(Can be used on humans too!)

What is the benefit of handing out personalized dog bandannas?

Brand awareness is the first step in getting a consumer to take action. Giving pet owners a promotional item that will be seen at the dog park or on a city stroll will ensure it gets seen by your target market; which is other dog-lovers! You will also score brownie points with the dog owner and they will remember your company next time they need your product or service. It's a win-win!

How much does ordering a personalized dog bandanna cost?

There is really no set answer for this. Each toy comes at a different price. Most of our bandannas cost anywhere between $1.19 and $5.51 each. You then have to multiply the price by the quantity and add shipping costs.

How quickly can I get my customized promotional product?

Standard shipping usually takes anywhere between 5-14 business days. However, we do rush orders! With rush shipping, we can have your customized dog bandannas on your doorstep in 1-2 days.


Our eXpo eXperts, Boo and Lola, agree - these are great giveaways! Feel free to give us a call about your "pet project" and check out some other pet supplies!