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Custom Sports Gear and Fitness Equipment

eXpo Branders selling promotional items that are perfect for outdoor junkies and fitness gurus! We have custom logo swag for campers, fishers, sports fans, and athletes all ready for customization with your brand logo! Promotional sports gear and fitness equipment is great for fitness or outdoor expos, as well as for promotional giveaways for outdoor magazines and outdoor clubs. Equip all of your summer camp members with their own branded compass or give football fans a promotional item for buying season tickets! 

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Need outdoor apparel for a summer camp, event, or sports club? We are able to screen print or embroider your logo onto any polo, t-shirt, sweater, hat, or any other outdoor apparel. 

custom printed sports apparel custom printed sports apparel custom printed sports apparel
Polo Hoodie Cap & Hat

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We have footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, hockey pucks, and baseballs all available for imprint. We have regulated sizes for game time, as well as smaller sizes for children. Imprint with your team mascot! 

custom printed hockey puck custom printed golf balls custom printed basketball
Hockey Pucks Golf Balls & Gift Sets Basketballs

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These binoculars would make a great raffle prize at an outdoor fitness trade show or at an outdoor event. 

cheap custom printed binoculars good custom printed binoculars very nice custom printed binoculars
Cheap Binoculars Nice Binoculars Great Binoculars




Blankets make for a warm and heartfelt gift. Customize a blanket so they can bring it on a camping trip, or even customize one to bundle up with at a sports game. 

custom printed blankets custom printed pouch blanket custom printed blankets
Picnic Blanket Blanket In a Pouch Fleece Blanket

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Custom logo camping gear is a great giveaway for great outdoor enthusiasts! Power up with a portable radio and flashlight or print your logo on a compass to show them the way! 

custom printed camp fire mugs custom printed camping gear full color custom printed aluminum sport bottle
Campfire Mugs Pop Up Lantern Aluminum Sport Bottles

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Custom print on a beach chair, folding chair, or even an inflatable lounging chair for ultimate outdoor comfort! A custom logo chair makes a great raffle prize. We also do wholesale order if you need to order some chairs with a company logo for your resort! 



custom branded stadium seat custom printed folding captain chair custom printed collapsible cooler chair
Branded Stadium Seat Custom Printed Captain Chair Imprint On A Cooler Chair

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A custom logo compass is a great promotional item for campers, hikers, and explorers. Send prospects in the right direction by promoting your brand with a compass. 

custom printed promotional compasses custom printed promotional compasses custom printed promotional compasses

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Custom seat cushions are great giveaways for season ticket holders or for sports donors. 

custom printed football stadium cushion custom printed stadium cushions custom graphic hockey stadium cushion
Cushion in Custom Shapes Stadium Seat and Blanket Set Full Color Graphic Stadium Seat 

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Did you know that over 33 million people have fished? Custom print your logo on fishing gear like custom fishing bobbers, custom fishing lures, and gear like hats or gloves! 

custom-branded-adventure-dry-sack custom-printed-led-waterproof-floating-flashlight custom-printed-fold-and-go hat
Adventure Dry Sack  Waterproof Floating LED Flashlight Fold and Go Hat

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We have a wide variety of fishing gear that makes a great promotional item for a gym, a health club, an awareness group, a health insurance company, or any company attending a health expo! 

custom printed fitness gear custom printed fitness gear custom printed fitness belt
Fitness Band & Stretcher Water Bottle Fitness Belt
custom printed yoga mat and carrying case custom branded light up mobile phone armband custom printed sports duffel bag
Yoga & Exercise Mat Cell Phone Arm Band  Customize a Duffel Bag


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Flashlights are inexpensive and effective promotional items. Many people who are given a promotional flashlight end up keeping it around for years! 

custom printed flashlights custom printed 14 led DuraLight flashlight custom printed 2 cell MagLite
Small Flashlights Medium Sized Flashlight Custom Branded Maglite®

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Insulated Bags

Insulated bags are great for storing lunches! Custom print your logo on an insulated bag as a trade show giveaway or gift. 

custom printed promotional lunch bags custom printed promotional insulated totes custom printed promotional backpack cooler
Lunch Bag Insulated Tote Cooler Backpack

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Custom design an outdoor mat for  your company shop. 

custom printed sculptures molded indoor/outdoor mat custom printed high definition indoor doormat custom printed HD indoor/outdoor doormats
Molded Indoor/Outdoor Mat HD Carpeted Indoor Mat HD Indoor/Outdoor Mat

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We offer a wide variety of custom logo radios that are perfect for campers or hikers. Choose to custom print on a radio that also acts as a bluetooth speaker, or, keep it simple and print on good ol' fashioned AM/FM radio. 

custom printed bluetooth speaker custom promotional Bluetooth earbud custom promotional wireless mouse
 Bluetooth Speaker Bluetooth Earbud Headset Wireless Mouse

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Team Spirit 

Go team! We offer all the team spirit gear - customize it with your team colors and logo and give to fans to make the stadium go wild! 

promotional spirit gear custom promotional spirit gear custom  promotional spirit gear custom
Rally Sticks & Noise Makers Foam Cheer  Spirit Wear

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Printing on promotional towels is an inexpensive way to promote your brand. We offer sports towels for customization and smaller towels for the gym or out on the golf course! 

custom printed promotional towels custom printed promotional beach towels custom printed full color graphic towels
Sport Towel Beach Towel Full Color Graphic Towel

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Custom umbrellas for any occasion! Print your logo right onto a custom designed umbrella! 

custom printed inversa umbrella custom branded vented umbrella custom promotional umbrellas
Inverted Umbrella Vented Umbrella Double Canopy Umbrella
custom promotional budget folding umbrella auto open/close flashlight folding umbrella custom printed vented cafe market umbrella
Budget Friendly Auto Open/Close Commercial


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Whistles are inexpensive yet important promotional items - especially for hikers and campers. Custom print your logo on a whistle to make an impact and draw prospects in. 

custom printed whistle keytag custom promotional whistles custom branded survival tube
Whistle Keytag Sound N' Sight LED Key Chain Multi Function Survival Tube

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What are the best giveaways for hikers or climbers?
If you are looking for a promotion that appeals to the outdoorsy hiker or climber, we recommend something that they will use in their every day outing, so they are constantly reminded of your brand. We absolutely love our Pop Up Lanterns and Blankets In a PouchThese two items are both unique (they've never seen something so cool) and useful both while hiking & camping, or just on hand in the car for those times you need a little extra light or a quick blanket to sit on the wet ground. 

What are the Top 10 giveaways at sports events, football games and stadiums?
If you are marketing to college football games, major league baseball games, or just your kid's little league home opener, we have the swag that will keep you remembered! An oldie but a goodie is the tried and true seat cushion. Not only will it be appreciated at the event, your prospect will carry it with them for many games to come, keeping you remembered.
Here's our top 10 giveaway ideas for sporting events:

  1. Seat Cushion
  2. Rally Stick
  3. Clear Bag
  4. Water Bottle
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Foam Finger
  7. Pop Up Binoculars
  8. Rain Poncho
  9. T Shirt
  10. Cooler Bag