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Sloth Shop

Sloths are the hottest animal on the planet and we have a bunch of adorable little guys that we can get your logo onto! Want a great incentive for your team? Need a fundraiser for your zoo or foundation? A sloth will be a beloved toy for anyone that receives him!

Plush Sloth Friends

All of our plush animals can be customized with a bandanna, vest, t-shirt or direct embroidery. Please contact us about your plush project.

custom logo sloth with t-shirt realistic sloth with logo options medium customizable stuffed sloth
Adorable Sloth Pal Realistic Sloth Large 11" Sloth with Vest
premium-customizable-plush-sloth adopt-a-sloth-kit small-customizable-stuffed-sloth
Huggable Premium Sloth Adopt A Sloth Kit Small 6" Sloth with Vest

Sloth Gifts

Spread the fun with our unique Sloth gifts - all customizable with your logo!

 sloth-custom-book-mark Sloth Wisdom customizable book  custom printed game
Baby Sloth Bookmark Sloth Wisdom Book Sloth To Do Notes

 Other Customizable Stuffed Animals

We have a whole zoo of custom stuffed toys. Have a company character you want to bring to life? We can design them for you! Or, you can choose from hundreds of pre-made options.

custom stuffed animals custom stuffed animals custom stuffed animals