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Get your Logo out on the Golf Course!

Did you know that about 26 million Americans play golf regularly? Capture that market with our large collection of promotional golf items! From ball markers to golf cart accessories we can customize, print, and deliver any golf related item within a few days! 

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Ball Markers

From budget-friendly plastic markers to high-end, engraved metals markers, we can create the perfect ball marker for your next tournament. Choose from custom hat clip ball markers, colorfully printed poker chip markers, or custom logo divot tool ball marker combos!

custom-hat-golf-ball-marker custom-printed-poker-chip-ball-marker promotional divot ball marker tool
Hat Clip Ball Markers Poker Chip Ball Markers Divot Tool Ball Markers


Golf Balls & Sets

eXpo Branders is a "hole in one" in your search for promotional golf balls. We carry name brand balls for the serious golf pros, all the way down to economy priced balls for beginners. 

custom-printed-golf-balls promotional-golf-balls-in-tube custom-printed-titleist-ball-gift
 Custom Printed Balls  2 and 3-Ball Tubes  Custom Ball Gift Sets
custom-ball-tee-tournament-favor promotional golf ball business card promotional-golf-set-ditty-bag
Mini-B Golf Packs 'Business Card' 2-Ball Box Callaway Set/Ditty Bag


Tool Kit Gift Sets

Golf courses or tournaments can give out these custom "tool kits" with golf accessories as part of a new member promotion, or as a tournament favor. Be sure to browse all of the custom printed golf sets, as there is one to fit every budget! 

Custom-golf-cooler-ball-set custom-ditty-bag-golf-set custom-printed-gold-gift-set 
Cooler, Towel & Bottle Set Ditty Bag Golf Set Bottle & Can Cooler Set


Golf Towels

Towels are a useful and affordable golf promotion. They are versatile and great for all sports enthusiasts and golfers! Do you know the best part? Golf towels imprinted with YOUR logo will be used over and over again, keeping your logo in your client's line of sight! 

custom-microfiber-golf-towel printed-cooling-golf-towel embroidered-logo-velour-golf-towel
15"x15" Microfiber Towel Cooling Golf Towel Embroidered Velour Towel

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Caps and Visors

Custom engraved golf caps and visors are a stylish way to promote your brand. Think ahead for your next promotion, and have your brand toted around on top of everybody on the course!

promotional golf items promotional golf items promotional golf items


Golf Awards & Trophies

Our customized awards and trophies will make an unforgettable golf award or executive gift. Leave everyone feeling under par with these beautiful glass, marble or metal awards!

crystal-glass-golf-award custom-marble-golf-award-trophy custom-metal-glass-golf-award
Glass / Crystal Marble / Mixed Metal / Mixed

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Clubs and Putters

Our custom designer clubs and putters will make an unforgettable golf award or executive gift. Think about how much their game will step up with clubs with their name and brand on them!

promotional golf items promotional golf items promotional golf items

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Events Flags and Banners

Print advertising for your next golf tournament at the same time you order promotional swag! Full color banners and flags come in all shapes, materials, and print.  

printed vinyl banner promotional golf items promotional golf items

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Golf Bags

Another great executive gift idea or golf tournament award for the golf enthusiast. 

promotional golf club bag promotional golf bag custom golf-shoe-bag
Club Bags Wheeled Bags Shoe Bags

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What is the best giveaway for a golf tournament?

As a rule, golfers love their gear, and, they love 'good' gear! If you are going to invest in giveaways for a golf event, quality trumps quantity wherever possible. Do not fret. If budget is an issue we have some great ideas, too! 

Apparel & Bags: Golfers tend to love their brands, such as: Nike, Adidas, Ogio, or Puma. So, if you are planning on giving a polo, hat, visor or other brand name item, stick to the brand if you can. It will be their 'favorite' hat or polo, and they will be wearing your logo over and over! 

Balls: We offer all the top brands for your custom printed golf balls. Our top selling printed golf balls are Titleist Pro V1, Callaway Warbird, Titleist DT TruSoft, Bridgestone Extra Soft and Wilson Ultra Distance. We have options and kit packaging for 1-ball promotions as well as entire boxes. Just give us a call!

Kits & Tools: Every golfer likes the handy tools to help them out in the rough. While putting your logo on tees is a great idea, we suggest investing in something handy like the 7-in-1 Golf Tool that has your logo both on the tool, and on the removable domed marker. It is the only tool a golfer needs, and your logo will be 'on hand' at every outing!

Cheap Golf Promos & Giveaways: On a budget? Not to worry! We have a ton of effective and inexpensive golf giveaways that will keep your brand top of mind on the golf course! Some great golf giveaways (some under $1) are our selection of golf tees in a custom printed matchbook! Printed Golf Tees and logo'd Ball Markers are an appreciated and inexpensive golf giveaway, too!

What is a ditty bag? While the term was coined more for fishermen and sailors, golfers use a ditty bag to hold all of their odds & ends, such as golf tees, ball markers and divot tools. Golfers LOVE these little bags, and printing your logo on a golf ditty bag will keep your brand in the user's eye for every game!

What is a domed ball marker? What are the differences between flat, domed and raised ball markers? There are a lot of ball marker options, but our custom resin epoxy dome ball markers are by far a favorite golf promotion. Most are magnetic and come as a part of another golf tool, such as a divot repair tool or hat clip. The difference is the resin dome is easy to grab, can be printed with your logo in full color, and is easy to find on the green.

Looking for some cool ideas that get you thinking outside the box? We love to brainstorm your project, just contact us for more info or start a CHAT below!


Text transription from our video above, for your convenience!

 Amy: Here today to talk about the wonderful world of golf. 

Speaker 2: Yes. Did you know that more business gets done on the golf course than it does in the board room?

Amy: I did not know that. But I think you could have a lot of fun on the golf course.

Speaker 2: You sure can.

Amy: Than you could in a board room.

Speaker 2: That's right.

Amy: We have a lot of stuff here for golf. It's a big industry. It's gold season now. There's a lot of golf tournaments and charity fundraisers going on. Our clients are calling us asking what can give away with our logo on it that's going to stick around? That's gonna stay in someones golf bag? That is gonna keep us remembered?

Speaker 2: We have just the things. 

Amy: Yes.

Speaker 2: We have some awards that are shipped in these beautiful boxes. We have some shoe-

Amy: I'm standing up my little guy here. I don't know what he is. A duck? I just wanted to take a quick look at these awards. They're absolutely beautiful. They're crystal cut awards. These are a little-bit more of the higher end but oh my gosh how beautiful to award somebody for a job well done on the golf course. 

We have awards all different ranges and budgets, so definitely want to give us a call if you're interested in an award, but these are beautiful.

Speaker 2: Absolutely. We also have some shoe bags. This shoe bag right here has a nice imprint area. And they are vented on the back, on the sides, which is very important. Then we can customize a kit for you. But you can also buy one that we have already setup for you. This has got a nice imprint area here, zipper pouch and inside you'll find a towel, which is very important. A can cooler.

Amy: Very important.

Speaker 2: With your logo front and back. Absolutely. Here is a beautiful towel with a little carabiner. Golf balls.

Amy: Golf tees. All of our golf balls, we can imprint your logo on. And we have just about any brand you can possibly imagine. But we can always have your logo imprinted right on to the ball. 

Speaker 2: This has a seven item tool, which we will also show you. But this kit here is a fantastic giveaway. Anyone would be happy to have this.

Amy: Golf bags are all vented and hold a pair of typical standard size pair of shoes. 

Speaker 2: Yes.

Amy: When we get into gear/gift items depending on how you're giving it away, we have just about anything a golfer is gonna want. Again, different ways to put your logo on golf balls. Golf tees, we have these great little sets here that have a ball marker in them, and a little sharpie pen. We can customize this any old way you want.

Speaker 2: Yes.

Amy: Little golf ball kits. Heres a two ball kit with tees. Heres an adorable little clear three ball with the tees. That's just so cute. I think that would stick around. You could put your logo on here, on the balls and on the tees. It's like a triple threat.

Another thing that we also do is custom packaging for balls. Again, we put your logo on the ball, and we can custom make the box that will have your brand on it. Another way to get your name out there.

Speaker 2: Right and here is the tool that we mentioned. This has a very heavy duty brush cleaner. Another little cleaner for your items. It also has a ball marker with a magnetic top here, so that's very convenient.

Amy: Three or four other little tools.

Speaker 2: Yeah, there's seven different things.

Amy: That you golfers love and use all the time.

Speaker 2: Yes. You could put your keys on here. Just hang this from your bag. 

Amy: This is something that's not going to be thrown in a drawer. This is going to stay clipped onto to golf bag.

Speaker 2: Yes, and used over and over for seasons and multiple seasons to come.

Amy: What else? We have all these little-

Speaker 2: Right. We have this really nice matched pouch where you can put the tees, and your golf balls in there, and it has a nice imprint area on the top. And of course we peckish out there, here is a nice little gift box of chocolates, mini chocolate box.

Amy: Those are so cute.

Speaker 2: Yes. This is a really nice giveaway.

Amy: That's a wonderful giveaway to have in the call after a golf tournament to give away.

Speaker 2: Yes. And also you're out-

Amy: Sunscreen.

Speaker 2: Yeah you're out in the sun, and this is just a really very convenient way to hand this on your bag and have SPF30 and it's sweat proof and just a really great-

Amy: And it's a large container that's gonna stick around for a while and not just get tossed out.

Speaker 2: Absolutely. And this is just a fun little match book. 

Amy: Of tees.

Speaker 2: Matchbook of tees.

Amy: We can put your logo on the outside and on the inside on all of the tees. 

Speaker 2: And it has a little ball marker as well, which is excellent. It's also branded. 

Amy: We have high end tools like this, and a little-bit lower budget tools such as this. This is a little velvet pouch with some plastic versions of these tools. Again very useful. They're gonna stick around.

Speaker 2: Absolutely.

Amy: And have your name on them, and a golfer's gonna appreciate that gift.

Speaker 2: Exactly. On the course we also have apparel. We have great hats. 

Amy: This hat is fantastic. I absolutely love it. SPF50 on this hat.

Speaker 2: Absolutely. You can embroider your company name, logo. Absolutely. There you go.

Amy: I like it.

Speaker 2: And of course apparel. Our apparel comes in different brands like Columbia. 

Amy: We have Columbia. We have Nike Golf. We have Adidas. We have just about any brand that your client, or your employees will love. And they're gonna wear this shirt again, and again and they're gonna be walking around with your logo on it.

Speaker 2: Absolutely. 

Amy: We do suggest spend a little-bit more on a nice polo that they're gonna wear again, and again. And it's not just gonna sit in a drawer.

Speaker 2: Exactly. 

Amy: My little duck fell.

Speaker 2: Yes. Of course, I don't think we mentioned this, but we also have a little hat clip. And this has the ball marker with a magnetic back, so it just snaps right on. You can just put it right on your hat.

Amy: Yep. And of course this super cute, adorable little golf club cover. We have all different kinds of these guys. They're so adorable. 

Speaker 2: Right. We can personalize your golf clubs, your shoes. We can personalize your gloves.

Amy: We can put your name on everything.

Speaker 2: Absolutely, we have everything that you could possibly imagine. This just gives you just a small sampling of all the things we have to offer.

Amy: Yeah, so take a little poke around and see what you like. And don't forget to give us a call. We can help you with your project, customize it any way you want. And get out there on the golf course and get some business done.