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Deliver the 'un-boxing eXperience with a branded merchandise kit! 
Trying to impress someone that cannot be visited in-person? Nothing is more engaging than receiving a custom branded merchandise kit at your door. In a time when so much is going 'virtual', branded merch mailers are key to your marketing and sales campaigns, and our creative eXperts can put together a memorable, engaging kit that will 'wow' them!










Our creative team will handle everything from curating the coolest merch that best fits your program, designing and printing your brand on all of the items and packaging and finally mailing it out to your end user for the ultimate memorable un-boxing experience featuring your brand front and center!


What a wonderful surprise (and a very effective marketing strategy!) to receive a custom branded merchandise kit filled with creative and useful items! We create kits for many different uses, including:


Ever wonder how we make our amazing creative mailers and get them to your end user?


It isn’t as easy as it may seem! There are a lot of steps that go into just the packaging, kitting and mailing of your branded merchandise!  


How we 'deliver AWESOME!' 

After we work with you on creating the ultimate branded kit for your event, virtual meeting, employee onboarding, college acceptance/orientation or member program, we then need to wrap it all up in an attractive and secure package and add your branding as the finishing touch. 


We first want to determine the size and the shape of the box, along with it’s function. 



  • Will it be used to house the kit for a long period of time?
  • Will it be the actual mailer or be put into another mailing box?
  • Does it need any special filler or custom foam insert?










1. Your custom printed box is then sent to press where it is printed in the highest quality. It moves onto die cutting, where each sheet is individually cut using a custom die that fits the design. 


2. Now the foam! If your project is in need of custom foam inserts. Your foam is precisely cut using state-of-the-art technology, piece by piece. 


3. Assembly! Your box is then assembled by hand by our amazing team, and the custom inserts are put into place. We add your branded merchandise to the box with the love and care that you’d expect with a gift being sent to grandma! 


4. Your kits then move into our shipping department where they are shipped using the lowest rate and best transit time to fit your needs. We can ship your custom kit just about anywhere in the world using FedEx, DHL, UPS and USPS. 


How can we help you deliver awesome? Contact your eXpo eXpert for more information and to start planning your custom branded merchandise kit!