Virtual Event | Virtual Trade Show | Virtual Meeting

So you've decided to take your live event and make it virtual?

Or maybe a hybrid of live AND virtual? Great! But how will you keep "zoomed out" attendees alert and engaged? How can you create the same value as an in-person event? What about all of the information (and swag) that exhibitors wanted to get out to attendees, or the revenue your organization would have received from sponsors?

Not to worry, we have you covered! We've helped organizations like yours deliver value, boost engagement, and increase sponsor dollars while maintaining the privacy of your attendees from exhibitor spamming (because nobody likes that).


We deliver the ultimate experience for:



Virtual Events

We'll make your next Zoom event a success! Let us provide the feeling of actually being there, while remaining safe and socially distanced.  


Hybrid Events

Maybe your event is a combination of virtual and in person activities. Our eXperts can ship items to virtual attendees and supply in person swag.



From virtual auctions to online stores, our eXperts provide the platform, the promotion, and the merch to make your next fundraiser a success!

Here are a few things we can do to make your next event "virtually awesome!"

  • Coordinate, produce and deliver creative swag, snack breaks, and session packets right to your attendees' doors.
  • Interactive packaging to elicit engagement, allow for sponsor highlights and create memorable moments
  • Compile exhibitors materials and send attendees ONE MAILING (vs hundreds)
  • Co brand items and create exhibitor merch kits to increase your sponsor revenue
  • Send out awards and recognition that would normally be done on the session stage
  • So much more!

Case Study  





For their 2020 annual meeting, our client took their normal in person event and made it completely virtual. We increased excitement about the event by bringing a bit of the conference right to their door.

Swag, snack breaks, and session packages

Need the ultimate virtual event boxes to keep your attendees and ready for more? Let our eXperts helps design the ultimate snack breaks, swag boxes, and session packages. We custom curate each and every box with high-quality, branded items, your attendees will love!

Keep them fueled up with a custom branded snack box or give them the latest swag with your logo. We curate, pack, and ship everything out for the ultimate turnkey event experience.




Exhibitor / Sponsor Merch Kits

Have exhibitors or sponsors that need to get merch or material to your attendees? We can help with that! We'll custom build your kits, fill them with exhibitor material, and send your attendees ONE mailer with everything they need. 

Exhibitor kits make sure your sponsors stay happy AND increase your potential revenue! Need help putting it all together? Contact us today for a custom quote. 



Awards and Recognition

Does your event usually have an awards section? With our new virtual work environment, it's more important than ever to make sure your employees and supporters feel recognized for their hard work. We help send out all the awards and recognitions that would normally be given during a live, in-person event.




Merchandise Mailers

Need high-quality, custom branded merch and swag? We can take care of that as well. Whether it's apparel, custom yeti tumblers, bags, or even yoga mats, we can put your brand on almost anything. Get your attendees and supporters the great items they actually WANT to use again and again. We offer great options for any industry!




Team Building Events

Team building while working remotely is hard. Our eXperts can help make it a bit easier. Plan a movie night, send out a custom drinks kit, or host an s'mores social! Our kits are sure to be a hit with your team members.

We've got custom snacks, great swag, and even interactive games and activities that will help your team feel connected while working from home. 




Meetings and Sales Calls

Make your next customer meeting or sales call a hit with a custom mailer. Want a great way to increase your sales conversions? Why not take the normal cost of in-person meetings, like buying lunch, and use it to put together an awesome sales kit!

Let our eXperts guide you on the best way to make your next virtual meeting and success.


Our clients frequently ask:

What is a virtual event or a virtual conference?
Thanks to the pandemic of 2020-21, almost everyone has participated in a virtual event or two. But in case you've been living under a rock, a virtual event or virtual conference is one that takes place online and usually combines a mix of live webinars, break out chat 'rooms' and some activities that bring everyone together. eXpo Branders has been providing custom swag mailers and brand boxes to virtual event attendees to help increase engagement and bring a little feeling of actually being there.

What is a hybrid event or hybrid conference?
Even pre-pandemic, many organizations have been hosting different variations of hybrid events: conferences or meetings where some people attend in person and others log in from home. eXpo Branders helps engage both the virtual and in-person attendees with all of the branded promotions and conference materials needed. 

What are the Top 5 things to send to virtual event attendees?
While there are so many variables to any virtual event swag mailer, we suggest including something from these 5 categories in your mailer:

  1. Theme or event specific branded item: Our experts can help you craft the perfect item around your theme.
  2. Food item: Brain food! Doesn't have to be branded, but this is a great sponsor opportunity!
  3. Breakout or Team Building Item: cocktail kit, card or other game, journal or notepad with custom pages
  4. Something to keep: Make this the nicest item that they will keep and use, such as a high end vacuum tumbler. 
  5. Package it right! Choose a custom box or let us brand a plain box to build excitement the second they receive it! "Happiness is not tangible until it arrives at your front door in a box" ;-)

How much does a swag mailer cost?
Our branded swag mailers for virtual events vary in price based on your budget. If you are trying to figure out budget, take into consideration the cost of renting the event space, paying for meals and breakout sessions, travel and housing for your team, etc. What you are saving in those areas can be put toward really wow-ing your virtual event attendees. 

What is the best way to engage people in a virtual event? How can I keep their attention in an online session?
From the creative to the down right silly, our eXperts have a bunch of ways to keep attendees engaged and excited during your virtual meeting or event. If your budget allows, we recommend sending a virtual event kit ahead of the event and include items to lead them through the session or the day. Our favorite mailer has sealed mystery sections for each part of your event. The attendee is prompted to open each section when it is time for that part of the event. Definitely a great way to keep people engaged especially for long days in front of the computer!