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Custom Promotions for the Traveler

Whether by air, sea, rail or auto, a custom printed travel promotional giveaway is a perfect marketing tool for prospects on the go! We custom print your logo on a wide variety of creative travel items that will be used over and over again! Custom print your logo on an inexpensive luggage tag as a trade show giveaway, or, hook them up with a TSA-approved gift bag filled with travel goodies! 


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Luggage Tags

Custom branded luggage tags are inexpensive and a great promotional trade show giveaway to remind people of the event they attended, and, most of all, to help them find that suitcase on the turnstile! 

custom-printed-golf-bag-tag full color printed luggage tag
Golf Bag Tags  Full Color Tags  Suitcase Shape Tags
custom printed t-shirt luggage tag custom printed bag spotter tie custom pvc 3d luggage tag
T-shirt Shapes Spotter Ties from $.39ea! 3D PVC Tags

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Toiletries & Useful Accessories 

Choose to give a toiletry set as a gift for a new or special client, or, print your logo on separate items to hand out at trade shows! 

 custom printed auto tool safety kit custom printed lint remover sheet
Auto Safety Travel Toothbrushes Travel Lint Removers
 custom printed ear plugs case  custom printed logo first aid kit  custom printed foldaway tote bag pouch
Ear Plugs in Case First Aid Kit Foldaway Tote Bags

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TSA Approved Clear Bags

Order a custom printed, TSA approved clear bag on it's own as a promotional giveaway or order a gift set! 

custom clear color pipe bag 
 Bag with Bottles  Clear Cosmetic Bag  Color Piped Clear Bag

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Travel Bags

Travel bags are a great promotional giveaway for travel agencies, airlines, or companies with a lot of traveling employees! Give a branded travel bag for flight attend tends who just joined the crew, or give them to clients who have reached a certain amount of miles on their rewards memberships. 

custom printed toiletry bag custom printed duffel bag custom printed shoe bag
 Toiletry Bags  Duffel Bags  Shoe Bags 

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Did you like our video above? In case you missed anything:

Deb:                On the road again? It is travel season.

Connie:             And we have the top travel giveaways to keep your brand remembered.

Deb:                Everyone needs a clear bag for travel these days. If you're going to give one away, make sure it's a good one. This is a great little clear bag, you could put your logo here. We can even logo all of the items to go in it. You can start with a low budget, with just the one bag, or you can add the items to it. We can even pack them for you, ship them to your clients, put some little crinkly paper in there to make it fun.

Connie:             Yes, and what we have here is a dry sack. These are essential for travelers who are going to the water, or somewhere where there's sand. This is to keep your camera, your clothes, everything dry. And then we also have a great little travel pouch. It has a great imprint area, and it doubles as a this.

Deb:                If you have a smaller budget, these are some great items also. Ear plugs. Who doesn't need ear plugs to sleep, to travel? Have you been on a plane to Disney Land lately? We have first aid kits. These are great for everyone to just keep on hand. I probably have 20 of these around at my house, 'cause I love them. I also have these, that I've had probably three years. This is a great budget item. It's a lint sheet. You know those little sticky rollers? Well these are the individual sheets, so you can travel with these, throw them in your purse, throw them in your glove box, have them all the time. And the old fashioned lint roller style, you might remember those brushes. These are great because it's plastic on the back. Makes a great business card also.

Connie:             Yes, that's a great one. And then we also have luggage tags. All sorts of different colors and variety, shapes. And these are just essential to help your client find their bag, but also a great memento for the event that they just went to. So these are great, great options.

Deb:                And if you find yourself off the road again, don't worry, we can take care of you with our auto emergency kit. These are great. Jumper cables, flashlight, emergency banners, things like that. So we can help keep you safe on the road, keep your clients safe and they'll always be thinking about you every time they open their trunk, 'cause it's great to have your name popping up. So by land, sea or air, everyone is traveling these days, so make sure you give them something useful, something that will keep your name out there, that they will use over and over again.

Connie:             Call us, email, chat with us. We are here to help you find just the thing for the traveler.