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Let us make your next fundraiser eXcellent!

Host your merchandise fundraiser for FREE with our Fundraiser Shop! We do all the work– design, print, and ship out the t-shirts – and you reap all the benefits with the proceeds adding to your fundraising goals!

Our 3 step process makes setting up your fundraiser quick and easy.




Send us your graphic or have us create an awesome custom design your supporters will love! 


FREE Online Store Creation

We provide a FREE online store where your supporters can place their orders. Just send them a link.


We Print, Store, & Ship Your Items

Sit back and relax. Our eXperts can handle printing, order processing, and ship directly to your supporter's door!

Great for schools, non-profits, teams, churches, & more!

No matter what kind of organization you need fundraising help with, our eXperts have you covered! A t-shirt fundraiser is a great way to get your donors involved and representing your cause. Build brand recognition with high quality items while the profit from sales becomes a donation to your organization! We make the process of running your next fundraiser quick and easy. Contact us today and see how we can help YOU!



Our FREE online storefront makes running your fundraiser a breeze!

Our eXperts not only design your merchandise, they also set up a custom, mobile friendly website so your supporters can order directly online. No more sales forms, no more phone calls. Just send out a link to your site and your donors are able to shop just like any other online store! Everything is done online through our custom storefront and payment gateway. Why pay other sites monthly to list your items online when eXpo Branders can handle everything for FREE? Contact us today to find out just how easy it is to get up and running online.

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Shipping and Fulfillment

If you've ever done merchandise fundraisers in the past, you know that fulfilling orders can be a pain. Once you get orders you have to worry about shipping everything out or delivering by hand. That's where we come in! Our shipping and fulfillment options make sure you never have to handle ANY inventory. Here's how it works:

  1. Your supporter places and order online
  2. We carefully package & ship each item
  3. The profit from the sale is deposited to your account!

It's that easy. Don't bother with old-fashioned, hard to manage fundraisers. Let our eXperts take you to the next level of quality and ease!


No matter what kind of event you need help with, our eXperts have a way to make it AWESOME!

We guide you through every step of the way to make sure your next fundraising attempt is a SUCCESS. Whether 100% virtual or a hybrid event, your fundraising dollars will increase with our proven successful approach.

Click our chat button at the  bottom right of your screen to find out how our eXpertise can help your next event!


Our clients frequently ask:

What is a Fundraiser Program?

eXpo Branders offers many different kinds of Fundraiser Programs to help our clients reach their fundraising goals. 

Online auctions & fundraisers
Our virtual fundraising platform, Auction Branders, can host your online silent auction, live-stream your live auction, host your peer-to-peer fundraising, and donation programs. 

T-shirt Fundraiser
Host your t-shirt fundraiser FREE with our T-Shirt Fundraiser Shop! We do all the work– design, print and ship out the t-shirts – and you reap all the benefits with the proceeds adding to your fundraising goals!

Gift-With-Donation Fundraiser
Want to incentivize donors to give a little more? Give them a gift with their monetary donation! You’d be surprised what people will donate to get a little stuffed toy or tumbler. We can host the donation on our fundraising platform, and we produce and store all of the gifts, and ship them out to your donors as needed!


What is a t-shirt fundraiser?

A t-shirt fundraiser is when you sell t-shirts and the profit becomes a donation to your organization. T-shirt fundraisers are great to get your message worn by your donors and build brand recognition or team spirit. eXpo Branders’ FREE T-Shirt Fundraiser Shop is loved by our clients for non-profit fundraisers, school spirit fundraisers, sports team spirit fundraisers, church and mission fundraisers, 

What is fulfillment?

Fulfillment is simply the storage, picking and packing, and shipping of your custom branded items, kits and apparel. At eXpo Branders, we store and ship our clients custom merchandise, custom apparel orders, Gifts-With-Donation orders, and more. If you use our kitting service, custom mailer service or any of our e-stores or fundraiser services, we use fulfillment to get the items to the end user. 

Can you store my items and ship them out when needed?

Yes! eXpo Branders has a fulfillment warehouse in Virginia and NY to store and ship your items when needed. We store custom merchandise, apparel, kits, trade show displays and more. 

Can you make a website that we can order from?

eXpo Branders has several ways to host your items online, for use within company departments, recognition programs, fundraisers or for direct sale. 

  • Company e-store
  • Recognition Store
  • T-shirt Fundraiser Shop
  • Corporate Apparel Store
  • Incentive Store