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Everything you need for an amazing looking festival or event. All from one place!

Let us help make your next festival or event a success. We offer everything you need to make your next big gathering look amazing! From custom branded festival merch to branded event signage, let eXpo Branders be your one stop shop for all of your event needs. We can brand your event from top to bottom with custom signage, branded graphics, even a customized online store where your attendees can purchase merch. 

We're the eXperts at everything you need for a successful festival or event



Merch & Swag

Custom shirts, branded hoodies, logo'd hats, and more! We've got the looks your attendees want to commemorate their attendance. Let us put together the perfect swag bag full of branded merch or design awesome t-shirt graphics that will be favorites for years to come.


Tents, Graphics, & Signage

Want to stand out in a crowd? We offer custom event signage, branded festival tents, custom graphics and more. Did you know a colorful, branded event tent is more likely to attract customers than a plain white tent? It's true! Whether you're a vendor or an event promoter, we've got custom event gear for you!


Online Stores

An customized online store makes it easy for your patrons to purchase merch before or after your event. Make it easy for attendees to support your festival with a custom online merch shop. We can handle store setup, payment processing, item production, and ship straight to your customer's door.

Case Study: Rock Legends Cruise





For the past several years, eXpo Branders has helped our client put on the most epic fundraiser on the high seas: the Rock Legends Cruise! Some of the ways we help:

  • Our eXperts carefully curated all of the swag & apparel, set up an online merch shop for sales before and after the cruise, and a physical Rock Shop behind the main stage onboard the ship.
  • We design & print the band programs and other collateral needed.
  • Onboard, our graphics team sprinkles the ship with eye catching graphics to help promote fundraisers and events throughout the trip. 


Let us provide everything you need for your next festival or event!


Brewery Events

We've got the custom signs, swag bags, and more to make your next brewery event a success.


Music Festivals

Let us take care of your next music festival with awesome merch, graphics and promotions! 


Community Festivals

Stand out from the sea of white tents at your next community event with a custom branded tent, branded flag and cool branded handouts!


Conferences & Meetings

Need staff apparel, swag bags, or maybe a branded backwall? We can make your conference eXcellent.


Launch Events &  Premiers

Let us craft the perfect package for your branded launch event. We've done a ton of displays and merch for product launches, movie premieres, and more!


Fundraisers & Galas

Make your next event memorable with our fundraiser eXpertise! We've helped a 'a few' organizations pull off amazing events with custom graphics, branded swag, awards, online auctions and more! 


We've got the custom branded merch your attendees are sure to love! Let your patrons commemorate their time with all kinds of branded merchandise.

We offer lots of great customized merchandise options including:

  • t-shirts
  • hats
  • sweatshirts
  • sunglasses
  • lanyards
  • pins
  • coozies
  • bags
  • and more!

Ask our eXperts about putting together a custom branded merch package your supporters will love!




Tents, Graphics, & Signage

Looking to stand out in a crowd? Our branded signage, tents, and graphics will keep you looking eye-catching and professional. We've got great branded options for any event, large or small.

Check out our branded outdoor event tents, custom tent flags, branded convention signs, custom graphic decals, and other options that will help your attendees navigate the hustle and bustle of festivals and events. 


Online Merch Shop

A customized online merch shop makes it easy for your attendees to grab the swag they want! We can design your online store, upload your merch options, process payments, and ship directly to your customer's door. No more handling inventory or dealing with order fulfillment. The profit from each sale is deposited straight to your bank account!

Branded online ordering gateways also make is super easy for your patrons to buy merch they may have forgotten about even after your festival or event is over! 


Some of our eXcellent events!


Need help with your next event or festival? Let our eXperts take care of everything you need! Contact us now to get started

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