We are here to eXceed your distributors' eXpectations!

We know that you want to be the #1 brand chosen by your wholesalers. In order to do that, you need to work with a more creative, reliable and seamless source to dream up, produce and deliver your POS displays and promotional materials.  The problem is juggling several suppliers to make this happen, leaving you deflated in the process!

At eXpo Branders, we believe you shouldn't have to use 4 firms to get your campaign to the retail floor. We understand you have a lot more to do in your day, which is why we've spent 15 years making marketing managers' love us (they really do love us!). How?

Because we get you...and, well, we got you! 



Creative Creations

Collaborating with us brings ideas to life!
Need a giant can of whipped cream pouring onto a slice of red velvet? Piece of cake.
Barrel of whiskey going over Niagara Falls? Hold my beer.
We literally can create just about anything!


Seamless Production

Whether we are manufacturing a custom inflatable POS display or getting your brand on a paddle board, our 75+ factories and hundreds of suppliers are making it happen - using the highest quality materials and testing, ensuring the final result lasts through the promotion..and beyond! 


Warehousing & Distribution

With East and West coast shipping points and flexible warehouse space to store, fulfill and ship to your wholesalers, we can bend and shape to the size of your campaign, saving $ on your bottom line while staying efficient and accurate in the process.


Ready to eXceed your wholesalers' eXpectations?
Schedule a virtual meet & greet with our POS team HERE. In the meantime, we'll send you more info on the magic of working with our team!


Corrugated Displays

Lightweight and easy-to-assemble on-premise displays



Larger than life merchandise, on-premise displays, tents & more!


Functional Display Enhancers

Grills, coolers, bikes, scooters... if you need your brand on it - consider it done!


Private Label Apparel

Custom branded apparel - inside and out!


Warehousing & Logistics

Coast to coast flex warehouse space for seamless receiving, storage and direct shipping


Fulfillment & Drop Shipping

Accurate and reliable fulfillment, kitting and delivery to your end user 



It is easy as an email to change the way you process your POS. Contact us now to get started

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